Freelancer verification

How to become verified on Somwork?

Welcome to Somwork and thank you for signing up. Somwork is a platform specifically created for skilled personal to make extra income from side projects that are posted on the platform.

To insure the quality of the freelancers registered on this platform we ensure that the background and expertise the freelancers claim are legit, therefore we only allow freelancers that are verified by our very own Somwork quality control team to create a profile. Before we give you the ability to create a profile in order for you to be verified you do need to complete the following instructions.

1.The freelancer needs to send his/her CV to with the subject of ‘Request verification’

The CV must include a short description about you. Please keep in mind that the process of becoming verified may take up to 3 days but we will assure you that you will receive a response from us with or not you have been approved and you could move to the next step and create your very own profile on this platform.

Thank you

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